Hey precious, never ever settle for less

Need to reorganize my life. J, you can do this.

Aug 11
Aug 5







this is so fucked up

For the love of god

I’ve smoked only about 4 ciggs in my life and this already makin me wanna stop

It looks like someone is blowing air into a rotting plum


this needs to be seen by everyone


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"I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone."

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Aug 4

noirhaut said: HAHAH i always thought following each other on tumblr and occasionally commenting on posts makes us sort of friends already. like the sort that will simply not talk much and just sit and drink in the silence (and talk if we feel like la). but anyway yes (is this where i officially declare us friends)

nice. honestly, i think you write well. And people whom I appreciate their writings, are automatically my friend. OK important question, beer or coffee (truth accepted only) 

Aug 4
Aug 4
On the side note I am glad I got a job which allows me to drink. I guess only when you are high that you let your emotions go loose, and then, that’s when you tackle them.


but you can, you can. 

a run always feels worse during than before. whatever it is, please hang in there. 

It has been awhile and I never seem to get over anything :

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Aug 4
I can never get over all these shit
Aug 4

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Aug 4

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Aug 4
I can never get over all these shit